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AMSOIL Wholesale Program for Business

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Retail Buisiness

(Product Reseller)

Automotive Service Center, Hardware Stores, Auto Parts & Performance Shop, Quick Lube Center etc.

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Commercial Buisiness

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Trucking, Construction, Taxi Fleets, Golf Courses, Farms, Manufacturing, Government Agencies etc.

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Amsoil Shipping Information

  •  All AMSOIL products are drop-shipped from the closest distribution centre to your location.
  •  AMSOIL Operates 2 distribution centers in Canada (Ontario & Alberta) &  11 distribution centers  in US
  •  AMSOIL primarily ships via UPS, DHL, Loomis (other carriers are also used for certain locations)
  •  AMSOIL shipping charges are based on weight only (not by number of items)
  • For reseller account shipping is free*

Local Pick up Information

AMSOIL Local Pickup

Our distribution centers are open to AMSOIL account holders such as AMSOIL preferred customers, dealers and business

If you do not currently have an AMSOIL account, you can immediately obtain an AMSOIL preferred customer account online with which you will have full access to our distribution centers and purchase products at wholesale prices.

If you own a business, please click here for more information on AMSOIL business accounts.

If you would like to become an AMSOIL dealer, please click here for more information.

Note: AMSOIL distribution centers are not open to the public. Make sure to set up an account before visiting. AMSOIL distribution centers do not accept cash as a method of payment. Credit, debit cards or checks only.